Way2News Network is a perfect platform for citizens to report news and make your content reach Millions of users every day. The whole idea is to empower the audience with vivid categories and local happenings before any other medium, making them stay ahead of the rest.

What is Way2News Network program?

Way2News Network is the easiest way to publish articles on Way2News app if you have a zeal to write and make some earnings additionally. Network by Way2News is an easy citizen-powered, content publishing option to reach millions of readers and monetize content.

How does it work?

Citizens can send news articles / report issues to our team of Qualified In-House journalists who will accept, verify, rewrite and publish the news articles on Way2News App based on internal checks and policies

Why contribute to us?

Way2News assures your content reaches to the right audience. A very unique and classy reading experience has enabled us to engage millions of active readers who are constantly consuming interesting content just like yours.

Various categories and proper localization helped us to connect vernacular readers with diverse tastes and preferences. We want you to have a great experience when using Way2News. We're a small team working extremely hard on a mission to build great vernacular content for India and also power every locality, by building a "Civic Reporting" community.


You need to register as a contributor on Way2News Network to publish your articles and videos so that the content can reach to millions of readers on Way2News App. We are open to common people, writers and bloggers who want to write, gain weight and make some earnings.

After Registration with us as a Contributor, Way2news will Transfer Rs.100/- into user wallet, which can be redeemed on successful Posting/Publication of your article on our app within Fifteen (15) days from the date of Registration. In case, you didn't send any posts or none of your posts has been posted/Published within fifteen days, the said amount of Rs.100/- will be forfeited.


Name should be as per your photo ID

Do not use fake/alias/celebrity/corporate names of any person or entity

Content Policy

Way2News Network provides a platform for people to put their views as well as write news for the audience. In order to ensure a good experience for both contributors and writers, read our Content Policy carefully.

  1. Should not be less than 20 characters
  2. No wrong usage of punctuation
  3. No misleading, distracting and irrelevant title
  4. Title should be related to the story and informative
  1. Minimum 200 characters and a maximum of 400
  2. Only relevant content/news needs to be submitted. Outdated and fake news will lead to escalations on the contributor
  3. Content that is obscene in any form(text, image or video) won't be accepted
  4. No sensitive content or content that creates a visual discomfort will be published
  5. Religiously provoking, criminal and sensitive content is strictly prohibited
  6. Content should be original and should not be a property of any person/entity
Quality of the article
  1. Article should be complete and should have the elements of What, Why, Where, Who, When and How
  2. The image should be clear and of decent visual quality
  3. Story should be understandable and error free with no biased/plagiarized content
  1. With strong checks in place there is no scope for plagiarized content. Contributors will face escalations if observed doing any practices of this sort
  2. Unauthorized use of image, video or article is prohibited
  3. Unauthorized use of corporate name, logo or title should be strictly avoided
  4. Unauthorized of personal fame, image or privacy will lead to legal escalations
  1. Image should be relevant to content only
  2. Multiple images cannot be sent
  3. No sensitive or sexually explicit image
  1. Video should be relevant to content only
  2. Shaky and amateur videos will not be accepted
  3. No sensitive or sexually explicit videos
Advertising & Promotion
  1. No links/landing pages will be accepted
  2. Ads and promotional posts will not be accepted
  3. No content will be promoted on our app
  4. Content on how to buy/sell products/make easy money prohibited
  5. Content containing any kind of job offers/self promotions is restricted
  1. Way2News reserves the right to remove any content that it feels not relevant on the platform without any prior notice
  2. The reporter will be held responsible and lawfully accountable for any breach of the content policy in case of prosecution
  3. The Contributor/Reporter shall fully indemnify and protect the M/s. Way2news Private Limited and its officials from any loss, damage, civil or criminal action and liability suffered by the Way2news due to the content provided by them
  4. Please go through the revenue model carefully to understand all financial terms
  5. Signing up on Way2News Network allows Way2News to use your content on its app
  6. Users on the Way2News app are not permitted to post any content or comments that are defamatory, inflammatory, obscene, derogatory, or in any manner illegal. Users are not permitted to indulge in personal attacks, name-calling, or inciting hatred against any community or person, or personality with a biased or self-centered agenda. Comments and content posted have to comply with Way2News private limited content policy and guidelines and terms and conditions and applicable laws. Way2News private limited reserves the right to take down any content or comment if it does not comply with the content policy and guidelines, terms and conditions, and/or applicable law. Way2News private limited also has the right to block a user/person indulging in any activity not complying with content policy and guidelines and terms and conditions and applicable laws. Upon request by the complainant/authorities/law, details of the users/person involved in comments that are defamatory, inflammatory, obscene, derogatory, or in any manner illegal, will be shared.

    It may be noted that Way2News private limited is merely an intermediary and provides the technology/platform for making comments, posting content, and related interactions. It neither monitors nor controls the comments and content posted by users. However, Way2News private limited will immediately take down any comment or content that does not comply with Way2News private limited content policy/guidelines and terms and conditions, and applicable law. If any content or comment violates your rights in any manner or is not in compliance with policy, terms, guidelines, or the law, you may send us a takedown request by sending an email to reach@way2news.com with the subject comment/content grievance. Upon receiving your takedown email, our team will review your request and take down the comment and/or content immediately if the said comment/ content does not comply with content policy/guidelines, terms, and conditions, and/or applicable law.

    Way2News private limited neither endorses nor takes any responsibility or liability for any comments or content posted on its App, technology, or platform. All express/implied liability is expressly disclaimed.


Way2News Network is aiming to provide earnings to all contributors. You can withdraw the earnings made through your stories via Paytm or a cheque. Find all earnings related information under the 'Earnings' tab.

Payment Policy

Full amount of Fee has to be paid in advance before availing any paid service at way2news mobile applications.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation of any paid consultation for which payment has been successfully made and a confirmation number has been generated, and the consultation has not been concluded due to any avoidable / unavoidable reason(s) we must be notified of the same in writing – by an email experts@way2news.com.

Cancellation charges will be effective from the date we receive your email. Cancellation can be requested no later than 48 hours before final Appointment time.

Our team will contact you within Seven (7) business days and in cases where the expert has not delivered the booked consultation, way2news will refund the money within fifteen (15) business days from the day the request for Cancellation was received.

Refund Policy

In the event your request for consultation is approved and after the payment due to unexpected circumstances, your request for consultation is rejected or cancelled; You will have an option of opting for another request for consultation OR will be offered a complete refund, if you so desire. The refund will be credited to your account within fifteen (15) business days.

In case your credit card/debit card/payment account has been accidentally overcharged, please notify way2news on experts@way2news.com of the same at the earliest. Way2news will refund the outstanding amount to your Payment Account within 15 working days. In the reverse scenario, if the transaction amount during payment of the fee happens to be less than the actual fee amount, way2news will debit the outstanding amount from your Payment Account and notify you of the same.

It is mandatory for the users to maintain unique Transaction ID numbers, which would be provided at the time of placing a request. This number would be required to address any problems, if any.

No refund in any case whatsoever can be claimed from way2news for the amount paid to the experts directly by the user.

Pricing policy

Way2news always strives to offer the best prices to the users, we opine that, Complete, transparent and timely communication between us and the users are essential in order to provide quality service, we have personalized pricing depending on the services rendered by us to the users. Users are given complete details about the pricing based on the efforts, efficiency and the output of the service provided by us. In general the size of transactions on our Android and iOS applications varies from INR 500 to 1500 per user per session.

Pricing Errors

Way2news strives to ensure the accuracy of pricing. In Spite of our efforts, errors in pricing may still occur. In case of errors in pricing kindly contact us on experts@way2news.com

Alteration in Pricing

If there is reduction or change in Price for the service purchased by users within seven days (one week) of booking date, we will not be able to adjust the sale price for the users. As we cannot make sales adjustments. If you have booked a slot for a date, generally, we cannot reschedule the slot to another date. This will result in the cancellation of the booking/order(s).